I love when I meet couples for the first time and it instantly feels like we’ve known each other forever. When I met Sarah and Sterling I felt like I was just catching up with old friends. They traveled from Florida to the rugged Pacific Northwest to elope at Snoqualmie Falls. Their best friends stood by their side and shared in their sweet day. It was just all kinds of beautiful.


I would photograph this day over and over again. It was that good and I adore Hilary and Ron that much. For them, it was all about the moments. The moments shared together and the moments shared with the ones they love most. It was natural. It was relaxed. It was good for the soul. I will never tire of hearing personal vows, of documenting falling tears and gentle touches, and smiles. So many smiles. I will never tire of witnessing people’s devotion to one another. It’s just too good.

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