Seattle occupies a very large space in my heart and the longer we live here the more in love I fall with this gorgeous city and the people in it. When I hopped on the ferry over to Vashon Island to meet Miri and Jon I had no idea just how sweet and lovely they would be. Adventuring with them was a happy, happy time.


It rained and when I say it rained I mean it poured. It created beautiful light, incredible pops of color and then these two brought the magic. If you tell me you don’t mind getting wet I will love you forever.


You know what makes my heart sing? When couples break with tradition and do things like get ready together, relax together and even walk down the aisle together. I assisted with this Big Sur wedding right before moving to Seattle. It was the perfect send off. As a California native I’m embarrassed to say it was my first time in Big Sur, but holy moly it did not disappoint. The smell of ocean air, the fog, the light, the views. It’s out of this world.

I knew that when Carl and I packed up our lives and moved from California to Seattle that starting over was going to be scary, but more than anything I knew it was going to be exciting. It had been eight years since I left Seattle and I couldn’t wait to plant my feet on its moist soil, breathe in that incredible air and begin again. I knew restarting my business was going to take time and let’s just say that patience is not one of my strengths. There have definitely been moments of panic and that feeling of oh my God am I going to make it? As I sit here preparing for Thanksgiving tomorrow, I am so grateful for the incredible couples I have met in the last five months. I am grateful they have invited me into their lives and I am grateful they have chosen me to document their love. I am so excited for what lies ahead and how our life in Seattle will unfold. So far it’s been a beautiful journey. Happy Thanksgiving, friends.


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