I am really loving this season’s engagement sessions and all the sweet couples who are welcoming me into their lives and sharing their love stories with me. I met up with Bethany and John for their romantic Seahurst Park engagement session a couple of weeks ago. These loves met at church but were dating other people at the time. John seemed totally smitten with Bethany after she got up and performed a line dancing lesson in the middle of a restaurant. There came a point where they were both single and Bethany offered to help John move. She showed up wearing high heels and won John’s heart.

Bethany and John live pretty busy lives, so the time they shared during their engagement session seemed extra special. They really cherished being together and making every moment count. It’s one of the things I love most about engagement sessions and why I encourage my couples to do one. It’s a great way to shut off the rest of the world, escape from the stress of planning the wedding and just every day life and to reconnect with one another. There are always whispers and sweet words that are spoken that I’m not privy to but that’s the way it should be. What I do hear are the things they love about one another, their favorite memories shared with that person and what they are most excited about for their future together. Bethany and John can’t wait to celebrate with their favorite 250 people (it’s a big one!) and I can’t wait to celebrate right alongside them.


I love engagement sessions because I really feel like it’s the start of the relationship that I have with my couples. I don’t always get the chance to meet my couples prior to their engagement session. It can take a little bit of time for us to get into the groove of things, but it didn’t take any time at all for Ashley and Jake to settle in during their Discovery Park spring engagement session. One of the things I value most about engagement sessions is getting the chance to see how my couples interact with one another. Sometimes it’s all fun and games and other times it’s very quiet and peaceful. Ashley and Jake brought a little bit of everything and I adore them!

When we first arrived I had an entirely different setting in mind for the shoot. At the last minute I just happened to turn my head to the right and I’m so glad I did. There was the most beautiful field of waist high purple wildflowers and I just about lost my mind. It couldn’t have been a more beautiful setting for these two and the light was incredible. Ashley and Jake brought so much laughter to this shoot. It’s so clear they are the best of friends and have such an amazing time with one another. It was such a joy to capture this exciting time in their lives and I can’t wait to document their wedding this fall. It’s going to be beautiful!





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