Emily + Matt - Catie Coyle Photgraphy

Emily + Matt

These photos are beautiful and we loved getting to relive the day through your images! We can't wait to share them with friends and family.

Lauren + Stu - Catie Coyle Photgraphy

Lauren + Stu

Catie - you are INCREDIBLE. You are SO talented and we are absolutely blown away by how meaningfully and beautifully you captured the day. We are so grateful for all of your hard work (and super early wake up) that went in to our wedding day. We absolutely loved working with you and are beyond thrilled with how the photos captured the most meaningful moments of our day so beautifully. You are the greatest!
Cody + Noah - Catie Coyle Photgraphy

Cody + Noah

Everyone that I have showed the photos to are just blown away at how beautiful they are, you are so talented and we are so lucky! 

Anna + Trevor - Catie Coyle Photgraphy

Julia + Joe

So we just cried again at the beautiful gallery! I mean, I mainly lost it mostly over the pictures of Benny but they were all fantastic! Julia cried on most of them though. Just don't tell her I said that. Haha. Anyways, thank you!
Anna + Trevor - Catie Coyle Photgraphy

Anna + Trevor

I'm speechless. These are more than we could have ever hoped for. You did an amazing job and you are an incredible photographer! You created something that we will be able to keep forever and ever. 

P.S. Did I mention how much I loved these?!? (: 

Nathalie + Johannes - Catie Coyle Photgraphy

Nathalie + Johannes

These photos are beautiful! Family and friends are moved to tears :) Johannes and I knew we could expect wonderful images from you, but we really wanted to thank you for contributing so much more to our day. You were such a calming presence and you so obviously shared in our joy that we found it easy to relax and be ourselves.

Lilly + Taylor - Catie Coyle Photgraphy

Lilly + Taylor

You are INCREDIBLE! We looked at the photos you took for us and we are again in awe of your talent! We can't thank you enough for capturing the beauty of that day and our families. We are so grateful! I hope you know how much we appreciate EVERYTHING you've done for us. You are a true artist. Thank you!!!

Madi + Jeff - Catie Coyle Photgraphy

Madi + Jeff

Just wanted to say thank you so much for capturing our wedding day! It was so much fun to have you in the mix on the big day, capturing tons of fun moments and memories. :) Thanks again for all that you did to make our day special. I was so wrapped up in the joy of it all, and it was so awesome to know that you could handle organizing my gaggle of bridesmaids for pictures. :) Thanks again for everything.

Stephanie + Mark - Catie Coyle Photgraphy

Stephanie + Mark

We just got your beautiful package with the photos of our special day. You captured it in a way that will allow us to remember the magic of the day forever.

Katie + Solomon - Catie Coyle Photgraphy

Katie + Solomon

These look AMAZING!! Thank you SO much for these pictures, we are already sharing these with friends and family in Korea, China, and of course here in the US. We are grateful for your professionalism and expertise, and will be enthusiastically recommending you to anyone who asks us for wedding photography suggestions. Thanks again!

Erika + Matt - Catie Coyle Photgraphy

Erika + Matt

I LOVE THEM ALL!!!! I can't thank you enough! This is so awesome, and my mom cried.

Christy and Nate - Catie Coyle Photgraphy

Christy + Nate

You just made our first day back to reality 100% better. We are in love with these photos and cannot wait to print them!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Leah and Seth - Catie Coyle Photgraphy

Leah + Seth

These photos are absolutely stunning! We can't get enough of how beautiful these photos are and just keep flipping through them! You did such an incredible job capturing the moment, and highlighting both us and the natural environment. We couldn't be more pleased. We also really enjoyed working with you- it was such a blast!
Laura and Paul - Catie Coyle Photgraphy

Laura + Paul

We LOVE these photos. We get online about once a day here in Bali and what a pleasant surprise to get these so quickly! We realized that while we had all these photos taken of us, we didn't get to see us together during the wedding. You captured some really sweet moments. Thank you, thank you, thank you for capturing our special day :)
Trisha and Michael - Catie Coyle Photgraphy

Trisha + Michael

Thank you, Catie!! We loved having you photograph our wedding! It was beyond anything we could imagine!
Julie + Mike - Catie Coyle Photgraphy

Julie + Mike

These photos are amazing! We just wanted to thank you for all your help on our wedding day and let you know how happy we are with how everything turned out. In addition to your high level of professionalism, we truly valued your creativity as well as flexibility on our crazy day! We are honored for you to have been a part of this experience!

Traci and Jerome - Catie Coyle Photgraphy

Traci + Jerome

I thought I was done getting misty-eyed for the week! You are not only an AMAZING talent, but have been a major highlight in this whole process. Thank you so much for being so professional & warm throughout!!! Seriously, with all the shenanigans and stress up to the wedding, you have been unbelievable & we're so happy to have you involved throughout. I have literally watched that slideshow 8 billion times over like it's the first time. You captured EVERYTHING and more. Thank you!! I'm so proud of your work! I want to share that link with the world!!
Kelly and Drew - Catie Coyle Photgraphy

Kelly + Drew

Thank you so much for being a part of our day. We were at ease the whole time just knowing you were there and had it under control!
Linda and Jay - Catie Coyle Photgraphy

Linda + Jay

What a weekend it has been! Thank you so much for your kind words and beautiful wishes. Jay and I cannot Thank you enough for making our experience in city hall less stressful and fun! The slideshow looks amazing. THANK YOU!
Courtney and Ryan - Catie Coyle Photgraphy

Courtney + Ryan

We just got home from being away this weekend and saw this email! WOW, the pictures are BEAUTIFUL!! Ryan and I absolutely love them!! Thank you so much for being our photographer on our special day! You did a fantastic job, and we really appreciate your hard work!!
Sarah and Sterling - Caite Coyle Photography

Sarah + Sterling

I hope you know how truly special you are! Your presence at our super special ceremony was calming and warm. You effortlessly floated around us all like a butterfly and captured the moments & emotions. Thank you so much. 
Carolyn and Seth - Catie Coyle Photgraphy

Carolyn + Seth

You're the best!!!! I LOVE my wedding pictures! You did a fabulous job!!! Thank you so so much!