Camp Long Engagement Session || West Seattle Wedding Photographer

Creative projects are so important to me. I tend to focus on them during my off season but every once in a while, even during the middle of wedding season, I find myself needing to focus on a project that is just for myself. This editorial Camp Long engagement session was simple. It focused on the connection between two people rather than on details. I was so excited to work with Jaina and Tyler because they are professionals and I knew getting them comfortable in front of the camera would be effortless.

One of the goals of this project was to shoot the entire session at f 1.8 and I love the effect it had in the photos. There is an airiness to it that emulates the look of film and the bokeh is so dreamy. This project really helped me to feel more comfortable shooting wide open and since then I’ve incorporated that much more into my engagement sessions and weddings. This field at Camp Long was the ideal location for this shoot. Dry yellow grass is always a favorite of mine.

I’m so excited for the upcoming projects I have scheduled over the next couple of weeks in San Francisco, including one that I will shoot primarily with film! For all you wedding creatives out there, don’t forget to nourish your creativity. Focus on at least one project that helps you grow and keeps you motivated. The payoff is so worth it!