Rainy Lincoln Park Engagement Session ~ Kelsey + Ryan

One thing I love about folks in the PNW is that the rain doesn’t force them to stay inside. Kelsey and Ryan’s Lincoln Park engagement session took place on a cold and rainy winter day, but through it all they laughed and loved and even cried a little. One of the ways I love getting couples to open up during an engagement session is to have them list the things they love about one another. Sometimes these lists of love are shared out loud or whispered in an ear, but either way it’s my favorite part of the shoot because of the varying reactions that this little ice breaker brings about. These sweet declarations bring couples together in such an organic way and Kelsey and Ryan are a perfect example of that. Throughout my time with them they seemed to just melt into one another and they took comfort in the quiet moments spent together and they truly cherished this special time in their relationship. I think it’s easy to get caught up in the planning of a wedding and the stress of it all, but engagement sessions are a perfect way to refocus and remember why it is you’re doing all of this: because you love each other. I cannot wait to celebrate with these two a little over a month from now. They’ve been together since high school so I can only imagine the amount of love and happiness that will surround them on their wedding day.