Olema House Wedding, Point Reyes | A + T


I love when two people are so in love it’s all you can see when you look at them. It’s an amazing, beautiful light that surrounds them and makes you feel so happy inside. This feeling stayed with me all day while I assisted with A & T’s Olema House wedding, set in beautiful Point Reyes.

“Olema House seamlessly blends rustic wilderness with a modern-eclectic style. Imagine tranquil, verdant surroundings that bring the magic and natural wonder of Northern California to life.” – Olema House

I am all for simple but beautiful design elements. The wedding drape that hung from the olive trees was such a lovely touch. It added just a little bit more ethereal romance to an already gorgeous location. The hanging flowerpots used to clip the seating chart were also one of my favorite design elements. It put a creative spin on the standard seating chart and was a great way to incorporate more floral elements into their design. A close friend knit the shawl A wore during her reception and I loved how it created a whole new look but complimented her gown perfectly. I think it’s always fun to change up the bride’s look just ever so slightly during the reception and A nailed it!

Ultimately, I didn’t want this Olema House wedding to come to an end. These are my favorite types of days, the ones where I feel like I’m standing with friends. There is an easy and relaxed way of just being with each other and from start to finish everything feels perfect. I hope you enjoy it!