Coopers Hall Wedding, Portland | H + B


I’ve done a lot of flying back and forth between Seattle and California this year, but one of the highlights from this wedding season was getting to photograph Holly and Brenden’s Coopers Hall wedding in downtown Portland. Despite splitting my time between the Pacific Northwest and California, I haven’t spent much time in Portland. it is such a cute city! This former auto body shop turned winery and tap room is pretty incredible. I especially love that the industrial space is painted white, with concrete floors and is filled with hanging plants. The wall of wine barrels is a unique and fun ceremony backdrop. Coopers Hall really is without a doubt the perfect venue for any couple looking to have a modern and industrial wedding in the heart of Portland.

The spacious environment invites guests to get closer to all aspects of the wine making experience from grape to bottle. Coopers Hall values authenticity, producing wines that we care for in such a manner as we care for ourselves. We view winemaking as an evolving process that changes with the seasons, moods and elements. Our goal is to make wine honestly: to have transparency in our process, experience, and methods. We want the character of our wine to be an expression of us; making each wine changes us as we too change it. – Coopers Hall

This summer we saw an increase in forest fires. There was some concern that the smoke might be an issue but I think it actually played to our benefit. For example, Holly and Brenden’s first look took place on top of the hotel’s roof. The smoke created a marvelous filter from that midday sun. Everything was cast in nice, even lighting. My favorite detail is the glass barrier. It opens up the entire rooftop and as a result we get to see more of the city and and more of that beautiful light filtering in.

Thanks to my friend Jenna, for the fun road trip and having me along to assist her.