Bernardus Lodge Wedding, Carmel Valley | J +D


My 2018 wedding season officially kicked off last month and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day or a sweeter couple. Jodi and Dennis’ Bernardus Lodge wedding in Carmel Valley was so lovely. I knew from the very beginning that Jodi and Dennis were my ideal kind of couple. They were planning a wedding that centered around them and their very closest twelve friends. They wanted to host an intimate wedding celebration and not get caught up in the traditions. It was a weekend celebration of close friendships, great food and wine, but most importantly, love.

As a photographer, it makes my soul so happy when I get to work with couples who truly value photography and who want the story of their wedding day to unfold organically. Jodi and Dennis were so wonderful to work with because they not only trusted me, but they truly enjoyed being present in the moment. It was so clear by the twelve friends who surrounded them that they are cherished and loved. It was such a joy to get to celebrate with them on their very special day. Large celebrations are so much fun, but smaller, more intimate weddings just tug at my heartstrings.

Photography: Catie Coyle | Venue: Bernardus Lodge | Florist: Unskripted Design