Kim and Dan’s Masked Man Ranch wedding took place in lovely Calistoga. Their wedding encompassed everything I love about weddings. For instance, a beautiful setting, people celebrating family, and great food. If you are looking for a wedding venue in Calistoga then look no further than Masked Man Ranch. In fact, you feel at home as soon as you step foot onto the land. As a result, you’re tempted to grab a fresh peach growing by the barn, sit on the old rocking chair with a glass of lemonade in hand and watch that summer sun slowly fade away.

Wedding Day

Kim and Dan’s wedding day started off slow and easy and it stayed that way. It was all about holding onto precious moments and being fully present. It was such a wonderful celebration filled with sweet words, happy tears and roaring toasts. Kim’s wedding dress, the soft color palette and vintage décor were without a doubt just some of my favorites. Kim’s gown reminded me of what classic Hollywood film stars used to wear. I can’t imagine it ever going out of style.

Wedding Reception

Dinner took place in the courtyard under the glow of that California light. Guests gathered at two long tables to sit down for a family style meal, and that’s exactly how it felt, like family. This style of dining at weddings is my favorite arrangement. It creates such a feeling of intimacy and togetherness and pure joy. I love watching plates of food being passed around and the way that conversation just flows easily. It’s the perfect way to dine.

The evening ended with dancing around the swimming pool. As I packed up my belongings and headed for the car, the sound of family and friends continuing to celebrate floated through the vineyards.

Calistoga Wedding Photography

Are you getting married in Calistoga? I’d love to photograph your wedding! As a Calistoga wedding photographer, I specialize in romantic, natural light imagery and focus on capturing those tender, candid moments. To see more of my work, head over to my wedding photography portfolio page. To inquire about availability and pricing, be sure to contact me.